The Margarita Bar Patong is one of the best nightlife venues for those travelers and tourists who enjoy listening to live music in the evening time. The Margarita Bar Patong is the ideal couples bar so if you are traveling to Patong with your wife or girlfriend then I would definitely suggest for you to take her to this excellent music bar in Patong. You won’t get bothered by a large number of bar girls which will occur if you visit one of the regular Phuket beer bars along Bangla road. The Margarita Bar Phuket is a well known venue which has been under current ownership for over a decade and they certainly have managed to turn this Patong bar into one of the busiest and most successful nightlife venues on the island.

The location of the Margarita Bar Patong is superb and you can’t miss it. This Patong nightlife venue is located at the very beginning of Bangla Road on the corner of Rat U Thit Road. It is situated next to the Patong boxing stadium and across the street of the Patong Rock Hard Agogo bar. You can ask any Tuk Tuk driver or taxi driver and they will know where it is. Another great aspect about the Phuket Margarita Bar is that it is located right along the main street of Bangla and that is a somewhat open venue. This will allow its guests to not only enjoy the excellent music but will also allow them to enjoy watching all the different types of people walk by. If you are a sports fan on holiday in Phuket and are looking for a great venue to watch a Formula 1 race of a football game then please keep in mind that the Margarita Patong has a jumbo screen which shows many of these live sporting events.

Many of the Phuket music venues often have a house band which means that guests will basically see the same musicians perform every evening. This is fortunately not the case at the Margarita Bar in Patong beach as they often have a different line up of musicians and/or bands every night. You will have a different experience every evening at this great Patong music bar!

Some of the other interesting points which I should point out is that the Margarita Bar in Patong has one of the largest drink menus found anywhere on Phuket. Chances are that whatever you feel like having, the bar staff at the Phuket Margarita bar will be able to serve or prepare it for you. If you feel like having a bite to eat then please note that there is also an excellent food menu at this Phuket nightlife venue. One of the things which many tourists complain about is that many of the bars in Patong have dirty bathrooms but this is certainly not the case at the Patong Margarita bar as their bathrooms are spotless.

Jona and Beatrice say:

we where wondering if there´s any chans that you might have
jobs for us at margaritabar? we love the place so much and it
would be a dream to work there.
you might remember us, we´ve been there so many times and 
knows everybody. you might remember us to when you see the
hope to hear from you! 
love from  Jonna and Beatrice

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